Neither a Myth nor a Scam

I recently read an article on “Avoiding Scams and Myths”. The author of this article asserted that if your books are not selling well, you will be tempted to listen to scam artists in hopes of finding the secret formula for success.


Of course, there is no secret formula for success. Success is a combination of hard-work and being in the right place at the right time. No special formula ensuring that you sell hundreds or thousands of books exists.

The author of the article I recently read went on to state, “The lowest form of scam is hiding behind a religious façade. Don’t be fooled.” Sadly, I have seen such scams in Christian book market. My advice to publishers and independently published authors is to never spend more money producing and marketing a book than you can possibly make back selling the book.

I have heard testimonials from Christian Small Publishers Association (CSPA) member publishers who have been conned by services that charged heavy fees and delivered little in return. It breaks my heart. Don’t be conned, do your homework and check out plenty of references before you purchase pricey services.

Understanding the challenges in marketing and selling books, especially for those on shoe-string budgets, Christian Small Publishers Association (CSPA) is dedicated to bringing affordable services to publishers and independently published authors. We know that there is no secret formula and that it takes a variety of marketing efforts to produce results. That is why all of our services, beginning with our annual membership fee, are offered at a reasonable rate.

CSPA is neither a myth nor a scam. This year we celebrated our 10th anniversary of representing, strengthening, promoting small publishers in the Christian marketplace. We continue to be committed to helping small publishers and independently published authors have affordable ways to market their books to Christians.

If you produce Christian books and are interested in how Christian Small Publishers Association (CSPA) might be of benefit to you in the coming year, you can read about the services we offer on our website.

Membership for the 2015 calendar year is just $90. You can join today on our website. Just click on this link:

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