We are comfortable with things that are familiar. We shop at our usual grocery stores each week, drive the same route to work every day, and repeat the same routines regularly.


Change is hard. We resist it. We prefer the familiar that we know.

Research shows that because familiarity is so important to us, people must hear about a new product seven to twelve times before they purchase it. In other words, the product must become a little familiar (at least recognizable) to individuals before they decide to buy it.

That means, on average, potential readers of your book must be exposed to your book multiple times before they make the leap to purchase it. This is why promotion is an on-going effort. You have to place your name (book or author) in front of people over and over again until they feel familiar enough to buy.

So, familiarity ties in with visibility. You must make your book as visible as possible so that people see or hear about it multiple times.

One avenue for gaining visibility leading to familiarity is the press release. For additional exposure on the Internet you can submit your press release to free press release sites. While these sites don’t send your press release to media personnel, they do provide coverage of your book on the Internet via search engines looking for your key words.

In addition to gaining you more exposure, submitting to free press release services builds back-links to your website, which in turn, improves your website’s page rank for search engines, meaning that your website appears more frequently and higher in search engine results.

The best free press release services to submit your press releases to are those that have high daily traffic, a good page rank with search engines, and distribute your press release via RSS feeds and social media tools. Six free press release services that meet these criteria are:

If you are looking to build your presence online and enhance familiarity with readers, I encourage you to add submitting your media releases to free press release sites to your marketing plan.

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