“I just discovered a new recipe for pumpkin flan.”


“I just got hooked on the Game of Thrones show.”

“Have you checked out the new Fresh Market down the street?”

People love to share things they have discovered with others. Discovering things we like gives us a feeling of pleasure, so sharing it with others is natural.

Discoverability is one of the new buzz-words in promoting books. People need to discover your book and the pleasure it brings. As an author, you want people to discover you. Once they do, if they like one of your books, they most likely will read the rest of your books.
This is why so many authors and publishers run specials offering one of their ebooks for free or $.99. The hope is that the reader will download the book, read it, enjoy it, and then go purchase another book by the author to read. This is discoverability at its finest for an author.

Offering a free or heavily discounted special on an ebook really works best for authors with multiple books because the hope is that the reader will enjoy the author and purchase other books by that author to read. Some first-time authors also use the technique of offering their ebook free or heavily discounted for a short-period of time to entice people to download it and read it. These authors are hoping that the readers will enjoy the book and tell their friends about it.

Either way, offering an ebook for free or at a highly-discounted rate of $.99 can be an effective way to boast your discoverability. However, just offering the special is not enough. You need to advertise your special—that is, let as many people as you can know about the special.

In addition to placing announcements on your social media sites and in an eblast to your current customer database, you can post your ebook special on sites dedicated to letting readers know about free or heavily discounted ebooks.

Multiple sites exist that allow authors to list a free or heavily discounted ebook to let readers know about the special. Some of these sites offer free listing, others charge a small fee. These sites include:

If you are wanting more readers to discover your books, try a free or discounted ebook promotion!

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