I am drawn to engaging people. For me, engaging people are those individuals who have charisma and the ability to make people feel comfortable. When I am around this type of person, making and sustaining a connection is easy.

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Much like people, our marketing efforts need to be engaging to attract readers. While this may take work on our part, our receivers (our target audience) should feel drawn in to what we are sharing.

Take social media for example. Studies have shown that people who “add value” to other people’s lives with their social media posts and interactions get the most followers and most activity with their social media efforts.

The question to ask yourself is, “How engaging are my book promotion efforts?”

That question should then be followed up with, “How can I change my social media efforts to make them more engaging?”

Studies have shown that the social media posts that get the most attention are visual. In other words, shared pictures and videos get more likes than other types of posts. This is partly why sites such as YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, Pinterest, and SnapChat are so popular. These sites are built around photos and videos.

One way to improve your social media efforts is to increase your engagement by sharing more photos. These photos don’t even necessarily need to be about your book. You can share interesting photos that highlight your message.

One great place to find stock images that you can use on your blog and other social media sites is Getty Images. This company hosts over 80 million photos. The best part is that earlier this year, Getty Images created an open-embed program (much like YouTube’s embed program) that allows users to drop any of their images to a blog, website, or social media site. The service simply appends a footer at the bottom of the picture with a credit.

If you want to increase your engagement on social media, start using more photos. Getty Images is one resource that makes it easy for you to find and use more photos in your social networking posts.

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