Are you accessible? In other words, are you easy to approach, reach, or speak with?
As an author, this can be important.

Headphones with Code

Early on in my writing life, I received some interesting advice. I met an author who told me that she felt that it was important to place an author photograph on the back cover of her books. She stated that this little technique served to give the reader an instant connection to her, the author, increasing the likelihood that they would purchase the book.

As I have grown and learned much about marketing books over the years, I believe that this author was on to something. Readers do want to feel a connection to an author. They want to know that the author is human and someone who is accessible.

Today, with social media, the author-fan interaction is much easier to facilitate. Social media allows authors to be much more accessible to their readers, then in bygone years.

However, social media is not the only method authors can use to make themselves available to their readers. One little used technique to increase an author’s accessibility that can be quite powerful is to place a recorded message in your books for your readers. It is really quite simple. Here is how to do it:

First, record a voice message for your readers. You can do this using a number of free services online including:

Second, upload the recorded message to your website or blog.

Third, create a QR code that links to the recorded message on your website or blog. You can make QR codes for free at:

Last, include the QR code in your book’s Foreword or Introduction letting the reader know that they simply need to scan the QR code to hear your special audio message for them.

Just like an author photo on your book’s cover can help readers feel a connection with you, so can a recorded audio message shared in your book.

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