Kobo’s New Book Report

Kobo is one of the world’s fastest-growing e-reading services. The company’s online bookstore offers more than 4.2 million ebooks and magazines to millions of customers in 190 countries. Recently, this company released an inaugural report revealing e-reading trends in 2014. around the world Currently, the ebook market makes about $14.5 billion in sales globally and is expected to reach more than $22 billion by 2017. Following are a few of the findings from the Canadian-based Kobo Book Report:

  • Self-improvement books, including cookbooks, health, and self-help books, are more popular during the month of January than at any other time of year. More self-improvement books and books overall were downloaded in January than any other month.
  • While Sunday would seem the most popular day of the week to finish a book in Canada and around the world, it’s interesting to note that in 2014, 70% of books were actually completed during the week – Monday to Friday.
  • Children’s titles, available at the Kobo Kids’ Store offering 100,000 titles, made up more than 7% of Kobo’s overall 2014 book sales.

In the United States, sales of eBooks represent between a quarter and a third of the consumer book market. According to a recent survey by Nielsen Books, ebook sales made up 23% of unit sales for the first six months of 2014, while hardcover’s accounted for 25% and paperbacks 42%. While the overall ebook market continues to grow, the years of double-digit sales growth for ebooks seems to be over—at least for the United States and Canada. Some experts still believe that exponential ebook sales can still be expected in countries around the world, especially Asia. eBooks allow authors and publishers to reach readers around the world without having to ship print books or find foreign publishers to print the books.

If you are producing and selling ebooks, make sure that your ebooks are available worldwide on a variety of platforms. One study in 2014 showed that Kobo and Amazon were tied for International ebook sales reach. So, if you are interested in making sure your ebooks have a wide-reach globally, don’t just depend on Amazon.

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