National Readathon Day

The National Book Foundation, GoodReads, Mashable, and Penguin Random House have teamed up to create National Readathon Day. On National Readathon Day, readers are asked to read a book for four straight hours with the purpose of raising funds to support the National Book Foundation, which brings books to needy communities and promotes a lifelong love of reading.


National Readathon Day is set to take place on Saturday, January 24, from 12 pm to 4 pm in each respective time zone. Bookstores and libraries are being invited to host “reading parties” on this day, so that readers can gather, connect and read silently together.

With the aim of raising money to support the National Book Foundation, readers can raise money individually or as organized teams (bookstores and libraries can organize teams under their names). National Readathon Day is partnering with for this effort, and all money goes directly to the National Book Foundation.

As an author or publisher, you can take advantage of National Readathon Day to spur your fans to read your books. This day can become a day for you to get some additional publicity for your works. Here are four easy steps:

  1. Inform your readers and fans via your email list, your blog, and your social media sites about National Readathon Day.
  2. Encourage your readers and fans to not only read for the four hours on National Readathon Day, but encourage them to read your book during those four hours.
  3. Inform your readers and fans that you will be donating a sum of money (e.g., $1 per hour of reading) to the National Book Foundation for every hour that your book is read during National Readathon Day.
  4. Tell your readers and fans that they can help raise the money you will donate by reading your book on National Readathon Day. All they have to do is submit a picture of themselves reading your book via email, your blog post, or one of your social media profiles with a note stating the amount of time they read your book that day.

Let National Readathon Day be a day for you to promote literacy as well as your books! Then, join the Twitter discussion about your reading experience for National Readathon Day by using the hashtag #timetoread.

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