Put Some Fun in Your Marketing

Attention. It’s the goal of all marketing—turning people’s attention to your product.

Creativity. It’s the spark that creates interest in your marketing ploy. Creativity is needed for a blog post, Tweet, Facebook post, video, or Pin to go viral.

Viral. The ingredient needed for your product to get lots of attention.


It is hard to rise above all the other messages on the Internet to grab attention. The more creative tools you have in your toolkit, the better your chances.

One tool to consider adding to your toolkit of creative marketing ideas is Photofunia. This free website allows you to insert a photo of your face, book, or text message into a variety of background like billboards, magazines, newspapers, books, and more.

You can then use these fun photos to share with interesting posts on your social media sites and in your blog posts or newsletters.

I encourage you to try Photofunia out. It’s fun!

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