Endorsements: How Many Is Too Many?

Let’s agree that endorsements are important. Endorsements sell products.


Since we agree that endorsements are important, here’s the question:

How many endorsements should you get for a book?

Recently, I picked up the novel Iscariot by Tosca Lee. It is a story about Judas Iscariot so I thought it would make a great Easter read. In case you don’t know, Tosca Lee is a New York Times bestselling author. She has penned at least seven novels, three of which she co-authored with Ted Dekker. Just for fun, I counted how many endorsements were listed in the Iscariot book.

Tosca Lee had acquired 22 endorsements for this novel. Five were listed on the back cover of the book. All 22 (including the ones from the book cover) were published on the initial pages of the book. Most of these endorsements came from other authors. Some came from professors and other Christian personalities.

I hope you are asking: “Why does a New York Times bestselling author need 22 endorsements?”

The answer is that Tosca Lee knows something that many small publishers and independently published authors have yet to learn. Tosca knows that endorsements sell books.

Yes, a bestselling author will sell books based on her name alone. However, endorsements help sell more books. Sadly, huge numbers of books by small publishers and independently published authors cross my desk not toting one single endorsement.

An endorsement by a known Christian figure can help seal sales. However, if you do not know any famous people, you can still get effective endorsements. The next best thing to having a famous Christian endorse your book is to have a pastor endorse your book. Use the name of the pastor’s church with the endorsement. This sends potential readers the message Christian leaders think the book has value. Having other authors from your local writing group read and recommend your book is another great resource for endorsements.

Take notice. If you want to sell books, get endorsements. Don’t stop at one or two. Go for 20 or more! More will never hurt you, but less will.

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