Do You Have a Bookmark?

With more print books still being consumed than digital books, bookmarks are still important. Print book readers need to mark where they are when they put a book down for a while. Most people don’t like to dog ear the pages of their books.

Since readers still need bookmarks, bookmarks remain a good marketing tool for authors. If you are promoting a book, make some bookmarks to give away. Bookmarks are inexpensive to create and they can help promote your books.

Carry your bookmarks with you and hand them out wherever you go. At the doctor’s office, if you see someone reading offer the person one of your bookmarks. In the airport, offer readers your bookmark to use in their book. Give some of your bookmarks to your local church library to offer to their patrons. Give them to your friends and acquaintances. The places you can hand out bookmarks are endless.

Check out this humorous look at what people do when they don’t have a bookmark.

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