Do You Know Your Audience?

A couple weeks ago, I attended a hockey game. I am not a hockey fan, but I think watching sports is fun. So, when some friends invited me, I went.


In the arena where the hockey game was held, a number of local businesses had set up tables to promote their products and services. These tables were spread around the concourse outside the arena where the game was in session. One of these tables hosted a local author promoting her upcoming book.

This author had written the first book in a series of romance titles about hockey players. Each book in her series will feature a hockey player with a romantic interest. The author told me that in her first book, a Russian hockey player falls in love with his American interpreter.

This series of romance books are not self-published. This author has a contract with an imprint of Random House. However, knowing the importance of marketing to help with sales, this author was taking initiative in promoting her book.

Not only does this author know that she must take action to help create book sales, she also knows her target audience. Who would be the most interested in a hockey player romance? Hockey fans of course. This author was taking her message to her target audience through promoting her book at a hockey game.

Do you know your target audience? Who would be the most interested in reading your book? This is the most important question when developing a marketing plan. If you can answer this one question correctly, then you can hone your marketing efforts to the right audience and not waste effort on fruitless endeavors.

Take a lesson from this hockey player romance author. Figure out your target audience and show up where they hang out!

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