Creating Impact

I am always on the lookout for interesting book marketing ideas. When I come across creative ideas, I share them here on my blog.


Recently, I received a copy of a self-published book in the mail. The authors of this book have some marketing savvy.

First, the book has a foreword by four Duck Dynasty family members. Second, the book carries an endorsement by Lisa Osteen Comes (sister of Joel Osteen, bestselling author and pastor).

The free print copy of the book I received included a letter by the authors. The letter requested that I read the book and then asked that I do the following:

  • Email them a personal endorsement for use on their website and other places they market their book.
  • Help them build their social media campaign by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

Here is the important piece. I do not know these authors. The reason I received a free copy of their book is because they sent the book out to people they believe are influencers in the Christian marketplace. In other words, these authors are willing to spend money sending out free copies of their book to a number of industry professionals hoping to gain publicity and help in promoting their book.

Here is what these authors know. They know that reaching influencers is an effective way to spread the word about a new book. If they like a book, influencers will tell their audience about the book. This is effective publicity.

Who are important influencers? Influencers are pastors, church leaders, bloggers, authors, journalists, and anyone who has a loyal following of people who listen to their recommendations.

Consider how you can reach influencers with your book. Maybe mass mailing copies of your newest book is not in your budget. Fortunately, there are other ways to effectively reach influencers.

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