Book Bubbles

Connecting readers to a book—that’s the  point in promoting a book. There are a myriad of ways to connect and engage readers with a book. As technology improves, new services are constantly popping up with innovative and creative ways to help authors connect readers to their books.

One new service, Bublish, offers authors a way to feature original insights and excerpts from a book to hook readers. This service does not help you find new readers; it simply lets you present the material in your book in a creative way to your existing followers on social media sites.

With Bublish, authors who use the service upload an EPUB version of a book. Bublish’s proprietary software uses the information in the book to create eye-catching “bubbles’ featuring excerpts from the book that can be shared on social media. One of the advantages with Bublish’s “book bubbles” is that it allows readers to purchase the book through links embedded in the bubble.


Bublish offers a free option to use their service for “Emerging Authors”. Basically, with this package, an author can upload one book and create “book bubbles” to use to promote the book on social media. Bublish also offers a $99 per year package for “Authorpreneurs” that allows authors to upload an unlimited number of books.

If you are looking for new creative ways to engage your followers on social media, give Bublish a try. The one-book package is free, so all it takes is your time (and an EPUB version of your book). Then start sharing your “book bubbles” with your followers and see what happens.

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