Tweets Get Wider Exposure

Earlier this year, Twitter struck a deal with Google to make its 140-character Tweets searchable via the Google search engine. At this time, Google is stating that Tweets will only appear in mobile searches, not desktop searches.


This is good news for Twitter users, especially for users who are promoting products or services on Twitter. Potentially, if someone searches a key word in your Tweet, the Tweet could show up in Google’s search engine with the benefit of broadening your exposure. At least that is what the experts are saying will happen.

My experience so far has been a little different. What I have seen is that Tweets are not showing up in search results unless I specifically search a person’s name or handle they are using on Twitter, if I search using a hashtag, or if I include Tweet in my search words.
Recently when I searched my name “Sarah Bolme” in Google on my desktop computer, my Twitter account was the third result. When I searched the same thing on my Smart phone, the very first result was not only my Twitter account but it included my most recent Tweet. Interestingly, my Google+ account did not show up in either search.

While the concept of Tweets showing up in search engine results sounds good and may eventually garner some folks more exposure, in my personal use of Google search engine thus far, I have not yet seen this benefit being played out. In truth, I am seeing very few Tweets in mobile search engine results.

I am curious if you have had the same or a different experience.

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