It’s the Story

One of the joys of attending the International Christian Retail Show (ICRS) is that I get to meet all sorts of publishers and authors. Great conversations result from these meetings and usually someone walks away with new information or is encouraged.

Story Time

At the Christian Small Publishers Association’s (CSPA) booth this summer at ICRS, I had one small publisher stop by with one of his authors. The author gave me his sales speech about his book. He told me why he wrote the book and what the book was about. His elevator speech lasted for over one-minute, which is really too long for a book pitch. When telling someone about your book, you should be able to do so quickly and concisely in 30 seconds or less.

After the author gave me his spiel about his book, the publisher asked if he could give me a pitch about the book. I said yes. The publisher then proceeded to give me a short pitch about the book’s message and how it was different from other books on the same topic. Then the publisher asked me and a CSPA member who was also listening which pitch we thought was better, his or the author’s.

We both responded that while the publisher’s pitch was shorter and the author’s pitch too long, the one that got our attention was the author’s. This was because the author started with a story. He told us the story of why he wrote the book. We both remembered the story and the story hooked us.

Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, people love stories. People connect with stories. In your elevator pitch about your book, be sure to include the story of what led you to write the book. Doing so will allow you to better connect with your listeners and touch their hearts with your message in a way that simply telling them what your book is about will never do.

What’s your story?

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1 thought on “It’s the Story

  1. Thanks! I needed to hear this. I’m self-publishing a mini eBook and just wrote up the description. Adding the story of why I wrote it didn’t occur to me.


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