Broaden Your Audience

I am always on the lookout for innovative book marketing ideas. Out-of-the-box ideas are generally the most creative and often the most successful.


Near my house is a second-hand bookstore that my kids love to visit. This bookstore thrives because it doesn’t just sell books. Instead, it has made itself a third-place, a place for the community to gather.

Inside the bookstores is a huge bulletin board where authors and business owners can pin their business cards and flyers. These types of boards fascinate me. I love to stand and look at all the different things pinned up on the board.

The other day, I noticed a half-page flyer on the board. It was titled “Give a Child a Book Campaign.” This caught my attention since I am interested in all things related to books and literacy.

Under the heading of the flyer, the author had written, “Join local author Jean Smith Andrews in promoting literacy. Donate Jean’s books to a child, school, or organization.” The flyer then listed the author’s two children’s books with colorful images of the book covers. It also provided information on where to order the books.

As I read the flyer, I thought, “What an interesting idea.” Encouraging people to buy your children’s book and donate it to a needy child broadens your buying audience. With this type of marketing campaign, your potential audience has been increased to everyone interested in helping kids read more.

If you have produced a children’s book, consider a similar campaign for your book—or use your creative juices and come up with your own campaign that hooks people and broadens your audience.

If you have done a creative campaign for one of your books that helped broaden your audience, I would love to hear about it.

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