Grab More Attention With Your Titles

We are drowning in a sea of information. Experts estimate that the average American citizen sees anywhere from 3,000 to 20,000 marketing messages a day. Whether that figure is the lower end number or the higher end number, the truth is, standing out is difficult. You have to do something creative or different to grab people’s attention.


Whether you are writing the title of your next book, the title of a blog post or article, or the headlines on your website, writing catchy phrases is important. It can help grab reader’s attention in a sea of information and make them stop for a moment to read your information or learn more.

One popular website that posts articles daily makes their writers craft 25 titles for every article. You read that right: 25 headlines. One of the reasons that this website is so popular is that they are using headlines that are creative and attract attention. When an author is forced to write multiple headlines or titles, the creative juices start flowing. Then, a creative, catchy title can be picked from the list.

To be honest, I don’t write 25 titles for each of my blog posts. I probably should, but I don’t. I usually write about five. Here are the five I came up with for this post:

  • Grab More Attention with Your Titles
  • Headlines: Your Chance to Engage Consumers
  • Is It Catchy?
  • Stand Out From the Crowd with Your Titles
  • Write Effective Headlines and Titles

I wish that I had written more working titles for my book Your Guide to Marketing Books in the Christian Marketplace. Now that this book has been around almost 10 years (there are three editions), I think the title is too long. I could have developed a better title if I had forced myself to write 25 working titles to choose from. I confess. I didn’t. I only wrote about six.

Whether you are crafting a headline for a blog post, a website, an article, or a title for your next book, I encourage you to brainstorm multiple headlines. Headlines and titles are your first and most important chance to engage readers. Make yours stand out from the crowd.

You can also try out this handy little tool that rates headlines and titles for their effectiveness. This analyzer not only gives you a rating, it gives ideas for improving your title. The Headline Analyzer can be found at CoSchedule.

I ran the title for this blog post through the Headline Analyzer. In doing so, I learned that headlines that contain about six words tend to earn the highest number of click-throughs.

I am curious. Did the title of this blog post draw you in?

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3 thoughts on “Grab More Attention With Your Titles

  1. Sarah,

    Good post—and good headline! The article was informative; I checked out the link and it was helpful as well.

    As for the title of the next edition of your book, how about something like this: Marketing Christian Books: A Guide to Getting Noticed in the Marketplace.

    All the best,


    Weaver Book Company

    1190 Summerset Dr.

    Wooster, OH 44691





  2. Jim, Thanks for the feedback and the title suggestion. It’s a good title, but I am not sure I want to change the title after the book has been in print for almost 10 years. ~Sarah


  3. I was drawn in by “Grab.” The call to action right up front made me want to read it. Very informative post. I will check out the link you gave. I was surprised that the optimum was six words. I’ve struggled to create titles of three words or so. It’s hard to pack a punch in so brief a title. Thanks!


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