Does Your Book Have an Expiration Date?

Every few weeks, I thoroughly clean out my refrigerator. I pull out everything that is in the fridge, wipe down all the surfaces, and throw out any food that has expired.

Mission Possible

Fortunately, unlike the food in my refrigerator, most books on my bookshelf don’t have an expiration date. Therefore, I don’t need to throw them out after a few years. I can continue enjoying them for years.

The same is true for the books that you have written and published. Unless you have written a reference or resource book with material that goes out of date, you can continue to promote and sell your book for years.

Too many independently published authors only actively market a book for a year or two. Then, they stop. These authors miss out on the opportunity to continually bless people with their message.

Deborah McCarragher, a member of Christian Small Publishers Association, is a great example of an author who perennially markets her book. Deborah first published her book Mission Possible in 2007. The purpose of Mission Possible is to bring hope and encouragement to anyone in a spiritually mismatched marriage—a subject without an expiration date.

Deborah has tirelessly promoted her book for the past eight years. She produced a second expanded edition in 2011, and just recently, she updated the book again with a new cover.

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Books have the potential to keep selling for years. All they require is ongoing marketing—getting the word out to your target audience about what problem your book addresses. Just like Deborah, you can keep selling your books for years to come.

If you have a book that you have ceased marketing but still have the desire to sell, or maybe you just need a shot of encouragement to keep on moving forward with promoting a book that is a few years old, take heart. With a little effort, you can revive sales for your book.

Maybe all you need to do is simply get back to actively spreading the word about your book. But, if your book is an older book that is no longer selling, I encourage you to take the route that Deborah took. Refresh your book. Release an “updated” version of your book with a new cover and some added material (even a new introduction or epilogue is added material). Then plan a re-release of your book and actively promote the “updated” version.

Remember, most books don’t have an expiration date. As long as you are willing to put time and energy into marketing your book, it can sell for years to come.

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