6 Marketing Hooks to Grab Your Audience

You may have heard the statistic that, on average, people are exposed to 5,000 marketing messages per day. That means that people typically see a marketing message every 11.52 seconds.

Risk fish

This figure appears a little high. On taking a closer look, experts are now saying that this 5,000 figure includes any branding exposures, not just ads and marketing messages. In other words, looking at food in your pantry was considered an exposure to a marketing message. If you looked in your pantry and it held 50 items with labels on them, the original study counted that as being exposed to 50 marketing messages.

So, instead, marketing experts decided to look at just ads. How many ads are people exposed to on a daily basis. It has been determined that, on average, people see 362 ads per day. However, your brain only notes about 153 of them. Of these 153, only 86 produce awareness in our brain, while only a mere 12 make an impression—hooking us to engage in some way.

If you are marketing a book, your ads and marketing messages often get lost in the clutter of messages your audience receives every day. To hook your audience, you must have interesting bait. Using hooks that tease and entice your audience to want to know more is the key to getting your marketing message to stand out from the pack.

Following are six “hooks” that you can use in your marketing messages to grab your audience’s attention and have them engage to learn more.

1. Use Numbers
Just like I did with this blog post, you can use numbers to get hook your audience. Starting your message with numbers like “5 Mistakes…” or “7 Tips…” will hook your readers’ attention.

2. Arouse Curiosity
Of course, each of your marketing messages should arouse curiosity, but you can use a specific phrase to really grab your audiences’ curiosity. Beginning your marketing message with “What if I told you?” is an effective curiosity enhancer.

3. Incite Fear
Fear can be a powerful motivator. If I know I can do something to avoid a negative circumstance, I will. Starting your marketing message with a word like “Warning” incites a fear response that hooks your reader.

4. Exploit Secrets
Letting your audience know they will get a behind the scenes look or information never revealed before is a powerful hook. Starting your marketing message with “Secrets of…” is a surefire way to engage your readers.

5. Use Superlatives
Anything that is the best or worst, longest or shortest, or highest or lowest, will grab readers’ attention because it is an extreme.

6. Employ New
We love new things. Using phrases like “New methods for…” and “New rules of…” engages your audience to want to learn more.

Crafting effective hooks takes some practice. Start with your social media posts to learn the art of using hooks. Every blog post, Tweet, Pin, or Facebook post is an opportunity to practice using hooks. If you want your marketing messages to stand out from the crowd of ads that people are exposed to every day, start using hooks that will grab attention.

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