Amazon’s Kindle Instant Preview

Exposing your book to readers is what marketing is all about. Any activity that draws someone’s attention to your book is a marketing activity.


One way to expose more readers to your book online is through widgets that you can embed into websites and post on social media sites. In the past, I have written about BookBuzzr and Bublish, two sites that allow authors to create widgets that give readers a peek inside a book.

Did you know that Amazon Kindle has a free widget that you can embed on your website to give readers an ability to look inside your book? This widget can also be shared via email. Kindle Instant Preview allows readers to start to read your book instantly without having to open a PDF or other document on your website.

With Kindle Instant Preview, customers can read a sample of your Kindle book without having to leave your website. If they like the sample, a direct link will take them to the purchase the book via Amazon. A link is also included in the Instant Preview that allows readers to share the preview on their own social media sites or via email.

Using the Kindle Instant Preview is easy. However, your book must be available in Kindle format. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Find your Kindle ebook on Amazon.
  2. Look for the Embed link on the right-hand side of the page under the “Buy Now” inset. It is near the Share and social media (Facebook, Twitter) icons.
  3. Click the Embed link.
  4. Then choose either the HTML option or the Link option to use on your website or in your email. There is also a “see more options button” that lets you choose the size of the preview for the HTML option.

Additionally, if you are an Amazon Associate, you can add your Associate ID number to the Kindle Instant Preview and earn commission on sales you drive to your book from your website or email.

Sadly, I could not get the embed to work on this blog. However, if you click on the image of my book Your Guide to Marketing Books in the Christian Marketplace below, it will take you to the Kindle Instant Preview via the usage of the widget’s link feature.

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