The eBook Subscription Model is Still Alive

Movies have Netflix and Hulu. Music has Spotify and Pandora. Audiobooks has Audible or eBooks have Scribd and Amazon Kindle Unlimited. Subscription (or streaming) services have become popular for digital media.


However, these services have been fairly segmented. There are services for movies, music, audiobooks, and ebooks. Except for Scribd, which provides both audiobooks and ebooks, most subscription services focus on one type of media.

Enter a new type of subscription service, Playster. Playster is a subscription service for all types of entertainment: books, music, movies, and games. Subscribers have a choice with Playster. They can just subscribe to one type of media like movies, or they can purchase a bundle and have access to all types of media. Single-type media subscriptions start at $3.95 per month, while a subscription for the bundle of all types of media is $24.95 per month.

With the demise of ebook subscription services Oyster and Enrich last year, one of the questions that has plagued the ebook subscription service model is whether it is sustainable. Playster believes that by providing all media types on a truly unlimited basis, they are able to offer something unique while still operating a sustainable model that benefits anyone.

In particular, Authors and publishers receive an extra revenue stream all the while the all-in-one model helps them to expand their reach to audiences that they would not have been exposed to before. Unlike Scribd, where authors must use an ebook distributor like Smashwords or BookBaby to be part of Scribd’s ebook subscription service, Playster will work directly with independently published authors.

This is great news! You can benefit from having your books part of a subscription service. Subscription services pay authors a royalty when a book is read via their service. These services provide another avenue for you to become “discovered” by readers. Research shows that readers are more likely to read a free or cheap book by an author they are unfamiliar with. However, if after reading the book, they like the story or content, they will often purchase and read other books by that author.

If you are interested in placing your book in the Playster subscription service, visit their website for more information on how to do that. After all, you can’t be discovered if you are not visible.

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