Are You Considering Publishing a Book?

The first self-published author I ever met in person was in the mid-1990s. At that time, becoming an author was one of the items on my bucket list. I was open to exploring all possibilities to make this happen.

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I inquired of this gentleman how much self-publishing his book had cost him. Fortunately, he was gracious enough to share this information with me. He told me that for $15,000, he had 3,000 copies of his book in his garage. When I heard this figure, I just about had a heart attack. Immediately I ruled out self-publishing as an option for me.

Fast forward ten years to about 2004. The publishing landscape had drastically changed due to rapidly advancing technology. No longer did it cost thousands of dollars to publish a book. Thanks to print-on-demand, publishing a book had become within the reach of most people—including me.

The self-publishing field has grown drastically in the 21st Century. In 2015, author-published books accounted for 18% of the entire book market in the United States.

Consider these additional statistics on independently published books in a recent Author Earnings report:

  • 33% of all paid ebook unit sales on are indie self-published ebooks.
  • 20% of all consumer dollars spent on ebooks on are being spent on indie self-published ebooks.
  • 40% of all dollars earned by authors from ebooks on are earned by indie self-published ebooks.
  • The Big Five traditional publishers now account for only 16% of the e-books on Amazon’s bestseller lists.

Amazon is the biggest player in the author-published market. Between its three publishing platforms—CreateSpace, Kindle Direct Publishing, Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX)—Amazon produces an estimated 85% of self-published titles.

Publishing a book today is within your reach. The self-publishing stigma has faded. Self-published authors now land on the best-seller lists regularly. While publishing your own book can now be done with ease, you do need to educate yourself on the process.

To help aspiring authors who are considering publishing their own book, I have created a FREE online on-demand seminar. You can access this seminar anytime it is convenient for you. You can even watch the seminar multiple times if you need to refresh your memory on any of the information given.

To watch this informative seminar, DIY: Publish Your Book Affordably, simply CLICK HERE. Anyone considering publishing their own book will benefit from this information.

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