How to Make Your Information Viral

The other day, a friend on Facebook shared a video from Britain’s Got Talent. The video was of 14-year old Liam McNally singing “You Raise Me Up”. The video was not new. It was from 2010, yet it is still being shared online. Why is that?


A number of research firms have studied what gets shared online in order to determine what makes something viral. These studies have found that information containing one of the following three ingredients is more likely to be shared:

  1. Interesting
  2. Useful
  3. Awe-inspiring

The more interesting, the more useful, or the more awe-inspiring something is, the more likely it will be shared. In other words, for information to be shared virally, it must catch people’s attention.

You can use these research findings to help you create more viral posts for your blog and social media posts. Provide information that is useful, interesting, or awe-inspiring. Consider the following techniques to make your posts about your book more viral.

Interesting: Interesting can be new information or news. Tie the news back to your book. Breaking news like ISIS killing a group of Christians can easily be tied into a book on the end-times or on suffering for Christ. News about new science findings can be tied into books on apologetics or Christian faith. Even news on new trends of harmful activities that teens are engaging in can be tied into books on parenting.

Useful: Provide information that people can use. Lists are very popular. People love lists the give them information. Lists like 10 Money Management Tricks Everyone Should Know or 7 Ways the Holy Spirit Empowers Believers. Information that helps people improve their lives is always useful.

Awe-inspiring: This one is more difficult to conjure up. Awe is anything that makes us say “Wow”. Unique photos or pieces of art can inspire awe. If you have a book that ties into nature or art, you can use these visuals to help spread the word about your book. Sometimes a statistic can be awe-inspiring like “Did you know that more people own cell phones (4 billion) than toothbrushes (3.5 billion)?”  Use one that ties back to the theme of your book.

So, if you want to broaden your marketing reach and get more people to share the information you post online, make sure you are posting interesting, useful, or awe-inspiring information. That’s what gets shared the most.

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