Five Benefits of Children’s Books

November is Children’s Picture Book Month!


Fortunately, the children’s book market in the U.S. is robust. Nielson recently held their third conference on children’s books. They published some of the data that was shared at the conference. Here is some of note:

  • The children’s book market in the United States has grown about 52 percent since 2005.
  • The leading categories in juvenile fiction are media tie-ins, holiday and celebration-related books, along with comics and graphic novels.
  • Specialization and niche targeting appear to be key factors in success with children’s books.
  • YouTube takes over as the number one activity draw when kids in the United States turn 13 or 14, with books falling fast away at that point in the activities of surveyed children.

If you are an author of or publish children’s books the good news is that the children’s book market is strong. With November being Children’s Picture Book Month, you can take this month and next to highly promote your books. After all, November highlights children’s books and December is a great month to promote your children’s books as great gifts.

Remind your audience that giving children books as gift is offering them more than just a book. After all, reading:

  1. Helps wire the child’s brain for learning.
  2. Helps ensure academic success.
  3. Enhances concentration and discipline.
  4. Improves language skills for communication.
  5. Ignites the child’s creativity and imagination.

If you have a Christian children’s book, then your book provides the added benefit of introducing the child to their creator. A benefit that has eternal impact. After all, that is why my husband and I produced Baby Bible Board Books. We wanted infants and toddlers to learn about and connect with Jesus.

If you are an author or publisher of children’s books, take advantage of this time of year to promote these titles. If you are not an author of children’s books, then be sure to gift books to the children in your life this holiday season.

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