Four Gift Ideas for Authors

Who doesn’t love to get a gift? A gift is an expression of love. It makes you feel that the giver cares about you.

Giving gifts also leaves you with a good feeling. After all, Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.

This Christmas, as you give and get gifts, I want to encourage you to give a special gift to the authors in your life. Now, most of you reading this are authors so you may be wondering why I am writing about gifts for authors.


If you are an author, you most likely know other authors. Use one of these ideas or inspiration from these ideas to give your author friends a special gift this season. Feel free to also show these ideas to your loved ones as a hint of what they can do for you this Christmas.

1. Write a glowing review of the author’s book.

Post your glowing review on,,, and Goodreads. Then share your posted review with all your friends via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and any other social media platform you use. Then share the links with your author friend as your Christmas gift. After all, great reviews are like gold for authors.

2. Purchase and donate the author’s book to local organizations.

You can donate any number of copies that you choose to purchase of the author’s books to any local organizations with an audience that is right for the book. Donate a book to your church library, your local public library, a local school, a nursing home, a group home, or even a community center.

3. Purchase and gift copies of the author’s book to all your friends.

Gift copies of your author friend’s book to your other friends. After all, books make great gifts. Check out my infographic on Six Reasons Books Make Great Gifts if you need to be reminded why books are excellent gifts. Remember, each time you purchase an author’s book, you are giving them a gift—the gift of your money, the gift of your time, and the gift of your trust in them.

4. Give the gift of a writer’s conference.

For a pricier gift, you can purchase a writer’s conference registration for your author friend. You can find a list of Christian writer’s conferences around the United States here. Find one that is hosted in a location near where your author friend lives and give him or her the gift of a conference. Writer’s conferences not only help authors improve their craft, they provide encouragement and inspiration.

If you are an author reading this, I know that you would love to receive one of these as a gift this Christmas. I encourage you to find the blessing in giving and give one of these gifts to an author you know this season.

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