Have You Defined Your Purpose?

Do you find yourself lacking motivation? Do the things that you used to do for your books now seem like a chore? Do you feel like you are pushing uphill most of the time?

Maybe you have lost sight of your purpose. Purpose is the “why” behind what we do. It’s the mission that drives our actions.


As we enter into a new year, revisiting and reviewing your purpose is the starting point for preparing your goals for the coming year. Goals flow from purpose.

For example: If my purpose is “to write so that other’s experience God”, then my goals would center around my own personal time experiencing God, improving my writing skills, and producing articles or books that draw people to God.

Sometimes people confuse purpose and goals. Your purpose is not your goal. Your purpose is the foundation of your work. Your goals (the work you do) build on your foundation.

Maybe you have not taken the time to define your purpose in writing and publishing books. If not, now would be a great time. You can use this little sentence to help you define your purpose:

I help __________________________, do ____________________________ better, so that they can ____________________________.

Here is one example of a purpose statement from an author who writes organization books for Moms:

I help mothers organize their life better so that they can be less stressed and spend more quality time with their children.

The beauty of a purpose statement is that it keeps you on track. Often, we get sidetracked by information we hear that tells us that we should be focusing our time on this or that to be more successful. These things can be really good, but they can also sidetrack us from our purpose. Having a purpose statement keeps you on track.

With a purpose statement, you can incorporate new activities into your routine or goals, but each of these new activities will advance your purpose, not hinder it.

How do you define your purpose? I would love to hear from you. Share your purpose statement with me in the comment section below.

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3 thoughts on “Have You Defined Your Purpose?

  1. Way back in 1988 I was told that God wanted me in the ministry (long story). I spent the next 2 years in Seminary during which time, I began writing (another long story) but, as a result, I believed God’s purpose for me was to write good, clean fiction with a Scriptural message. Since then I have written and self-published two novels. The result was that i discovered I made many mistakes by rushing in and trying to do it all on my own; I forgot to seek God’s guidance. I still believe God’s purpose for me is as I wrote it above. But now, I am rewriting those two books with new titles. The first one is almost finished; hopefully, and God willing, within the week. Just this evening, while praying about this, I was impressed to start, NOW, in seeking a publisher. I plugged a few words into Google and this is where it brought me.


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