Connecting with Readers

Every author wants to make a difference. You want your book to encourage, inspire, or delight your readers.

The only way to know if your book is making the difference you want is to actually hear from your readers.

I love hearing from readers how my books have made a difference in their lives. Recently, a parent sent my husband and I a picture of their child reading one of our books. It is clear in the photo that the little girl is enjoying the book.

bbbb-child-3My husband and I produced Baby Bible Board Books with the hope that they would do the following:

  1. Be just the right size for little hands to hold by themselves to inspire a love for books and reading.
  2. Introduce little ones to Jesus and help them develop a connection with him.

When we receive feedback from readers—like this photo—we know that all the effort, time, and money we poured into the project was worth it.

Are you hearing from your readers? I certainly hope so. If not, consider the following ideas to help your readers connect with you:

1. Ask your readers to contact you in your book.
You can put an invitation in your author bio for readers to connect with you and let you know their thoughts about your book.

2. Invite your readers to connect with you on your website.
Include an appeal to your readers right on your website encouraging them to let you know how they liked or benefited from your book.

3. Include a call to action for readers to give you feedback in your emails and social media posts.
If you are active on social media, or if you use a regular email newsletter to connect with your audience, use some of this space to invite your readers to connect with you on a personal level.

Reviews are great and help you sell books. Sometimes just hearing personally from readers about how your book touched them or changed their lives is just the motivation you need to continue your call to write and produce books for the Glory of God.

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