What Your Readers Want

Every author wants to attract readers for their books. After all, readers equal sales.

But, what do readers want? How do you attract readers to your books?

Enter content marketing. Content marketing is about providing your potential readers with information that inspires, delights, entertains, or meets a need. Providing readers with regular content via your blog, social media accounts, and email newsletters helps you establish an ongoing relationship with readers. This relationship and useful, quality content nudges these readers toward your books.


Content is everywhere on the Internet. So, how do you as an author get your content to stand out from the crowd to attract readers? Following are four tips to help you develop and curate content that is attractive.

1. Meets a Need
Your content must meet a need. Whether that need is to inspire people into a closer relationship with God, better financial or time management, or learning to understand their inherent self-worth, your information must resonate with your audience.

2. Is Niche Focused
Your content must be niche focused. In other words, instead of inspiring everyone to have a closer relationship with God, focus on inspiring a group of people such as students or mothers or teachers in this regard. The more you focus your content for a specific group of people, the more attractive your message will be.

3. Has a Unique Voice
You must develop your own voice. Don’t mimic others. Be yourself. Be unique. You have a special message for your audience. Use your voice and experience to present your information in a way that only you can.

4. Includes a Clear Point of View
Don’t muddy the waters by trying to be all things to all people. Your point of view should be clear and focused on your niche audience. Stay on topic. Don’t get sidetracked. If your message is about prayer, keep to prayer. If it is about relationships, don’t stray into financial issues.

You can attract more readers through top quality content. However, that content must also meet a need for a niche group and be presented with a unique voice and clear point of view.

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