Using Videos to Promote Your Book

Internet video consumption just keeps growing. Here are some interesting statistics:

  • YouTube is the second-largest social networking site (behind Facebook).
  • 63% of Internet users view videos on YouTube.
  • Experts estimate that by 2019, video watching will account for 80% of Internet traffic.

The bottom line is that many people prefer watching videos online to reading text. More importantly video drives sales. It drives sales of products, including books.

Savvy authors are using videos to promote their books. Yes, many are making book trailers, but that is not the only type of video you can use to promote a book. If you are a nonfiction author, you can upload how to and tip videos to promote your book. You can actually upload any video related to the subject of your book to promote your book.

However, uploading a video is not enough. You want each video that you upload to point back to your book. Otherwise, you are simply just sharing something that is interesting or entertaining. Fortunately, YouTube makes it easy for you to promote your book in each video you upload to your YouTube channel.

Many authors will put information about their book (including a website) at the beginning or end of a video. That is great, and I encourage you to do that. But, when viewers only watch part of a video, they may miss the information about your book. With YouTube’s Branding Watermark tool, you can point people to your book throughout your entire video.

The YouTube Branding Watermark allows you to place an image in your YouTube videos. This image shows up on the bottom right hand side of the video as it plays (see photo below). You can choose whatever image you want to include in your videos. However, since this is a branding watermark, the one image you choose will appear in all the videos on your channel. You can’t choose different branding images for different videos on the same channel.

As an author, you can place your book’s cover image as your Branding Watermark in your videos. That way, each video you upload will carry the image of your book’s cover throughout the video, pointing viewers to your book.

Here are the steps to include a Branding Watermark in your YouTube videos:

  1. Go to “Creator Studio” on your YouTube Channel (you can access this by clicking on your channel icon picture in the upper right hand corner).
  2. Then select “Channel” from the list that appears.
  3. Under “Channel” select “Branding”.
  4. The Branding Watermark screen will appear. This screen allows you to choose a file on your computer to upload.
  5. Choose the file on your computer that contains your book’s cover image.

Don’t waste space in your YouTube videos. Use the Branding Watermark tool on YouTube so that your viewers are continually pointed to your book.

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Photo courtesy of Seth Doyle

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