10 Book Advertising Ideas for the Physical World

Everyone knows the solid advice for investing their money: Diversify, Diversify, Diversify.
It’s good advice and you probably even follow it. This advice does not just hold true for your financial investments. It also is good advice for your investment in marketing your book.

Yes, diversifying your marketing efforts is solid marketing advice. We live in and operate in the physical world as well as the virtual world (Internet). Therefore, to reach people, you should diversify your marketing efforts to include both the physical world and the online world.

Here are 10 creative ideas for cost-effective ways to advertise your books in the physical world. Let this list spark your own creative ideas for ways that you can market your book in the physical world.

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2 thoughts on “10 Book Advertising Ideas for the Physical World

  1. I think (?) you’ve had posts about giving away free copies, or not. I’ve sent free, unsolicited copies of my book to some “people of influence” or organizations. Not many though, as I figured these people/places likely get other books in the mail and my book likely to end up collecting dust. However, I was selective – chose ones that I thought my book would particularly interest, and also tried to choose some smaller influential people/places who might not get so deluged with requests as those with a mega platform. I included a brief, personal note with each one. This effort has been a failure, as I have seen no results. I was not really surprised, but thought it was worth a shot. However, what has surprised me is that my sending of the book was not even acknowledged – by any of these people/places! I at least thought some would reply with a “Thanks for the book, but….” notices. I thought it was discourteous to not at least acknowledge the book, as I know some of the places have secretarial or other staff.

    THANKS for listening….Anyone out there have success with this? My exp typical?


  2. I suggest that next time you send an email or a letter requesting an endorsement or review and let the influencer know how to get a hold of you if he or she is willing to provide what you request. Then, when they say yes, send them a copy of your book. These people are often busy and querying first is the best approach.

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