The Antidote to Holiday Travel Stress

If you have ever traveled for the holidays, you know that it is stressful. Holiday travel is often marked by crowds, delays, and traffic jams. All this stress can cause headaches, heartburn, and short tempers.

Here is the good news:
Authors and publishers have the cure for holiday travel stress.

Barnes & Noble, Inc., the world’s largest retail bookseller, recently commissioned an independent survey to explore consumer reading habits around the holiday season. Conducted as an online poll among the U.S. general population, the study revealed that Americans turn to books and periodicals on Thanksgiving Eve more than any other day of the year to help ease the stress of traveling. Historically, the Thanksgiving holiday is the busiest travel time of the year.

The study also found that:

  • 73% study participants reported that reading makes a trip more relaxing.
  • 72% said reading a book they enjoy makes their trip more enjoyable.

It appears that READING is a great antidote to holiday travel stress.

Additionally, study participants also reported that the top five benefits of reading a book while traveling are:

  • Reading is a good pastime if I get delayed while traveling (56%).
  • Reading is relaxing and helps ease the stress of hectic traveling (53%).
  • A good book “transports” me somewhere else (47%).
  • I can catch up on books that I have wanted to read, but normally do not have the time to read (47%).
  • Reading gives me a chance to learn something new (46%).

Everyone wants holiday travel to be less stressful. Now you have the perfect countermeasure for holiday travel stress: Books for travelers to read!

This holiday season, in addition to promoting your book as a great gift, let people know that reading your book may well be the remedy they need to combat stressful holiday travel!

Feel free to use the graphic in this article to promote your books as a great way to combat holiday travel stress.

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