There are thousands of libraries in the United States. These range from public libraries to school libraries, to academic libraries to military libraries to church libraries and more.

Libraries have a strong impact on communities and people. Studies show:

  • Americans check out an average of seven items per year from the library.
  • Three-fourths of Americans say that public libraries provide them with the resources they need.
  • 65% of Americans say libraries help them grow as people.
  • Over half (53%) of Millennials use their library card each year.
  • Americans go to school, public, and academic libraries three times more frequently than they go to the movies.

Libraries are great for authors. Libraries encourage reading and authors need readers to buy their books. Libraries also help introduce people to new authors, which can drive word-of-mouth recommendation and sales. Additionally, libraries provide another avenue for sales for books for authors and publishers.

February is National Library Lovers Month

The entire month of February is dedicated to the people and places that are devoted to the reading, housing, organizing, categorizing, finding, studying and otherwise loving books.

As an author, your support of #NationalLibraryLoversMonth is important. Every author should be concerned about literacy and the ongoing promotion of reading in our society. Libraries, as institutions, stand for reading and promote reading. In addition, when you support libraries through donations of Christian books or events featuring Christian books, you spread the Gospel message and bring hope and healing to this world.

Here are six ways that you can love your local library this month (and a nice graphic that you can share):

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