The 2019 Christian Indie Award Winners!

The votes are in and counted. The winners of the 2019 Christian Indie Awards have been determined!

Christian book lovers and retailers voted on 189 nominated titles in 18 categories. The winners in each of the 18 categories are:

2019 Christian Indie Award Winners

Bible Study
Wisdom Speaks, Dr. Tim Riordan, GreenTree Publishers

Biography & Memoir
Hogan’s Hope, Connie Bombaci

Business & Finance
Through the Eyes of a Fisherman, Dennis Blue

Children’s 4-8
Daddy, I Want to Know God, Vanessa Fortenberry, author; Sharon Grey, illustrator

Children’s 8-12
A Little Goat in Africa, Deborah Smith Ford, author; Susi Galloway, illustrator

Christian Education
The Praying Church Made Simple, P. Douglas Small, Alive Publications

Christian Living
My Heart, My Love, My Life, My Lord; Valecia Carter

Treasures in Secret Places, Jerrie Brooks

General Fiction
The Problem With Miracles, S.K. Jansky, Electio Publishing

2019 Award Winners

Finding Hope in the Words of John, Randall M Mooney, Crossover Publications

Historical Fiction
A Heart for Freedom, Janet Grunst

Mystery & Suspense
The Last Three Tickets to Heaven, Sandra Thompson Williams

It Comes From the Soul, Phyllis Stowe-Jackson

Relationships & Family
A Short Season, G David Bohner & Jake Gronsky, Sunbury Press, Inc.

After His Heart, Samantha Adkins, CKN Christian Publishing

Live Pure and Free, Dave Howe, TRISTAN Publishing

Transforming Your Church into a House of Prayer, P. Douglas Small, Alive Publications, 

Young Adult
Speak Truth in Your Heart, Sarah Mally

2019 Award Winners

Congratulations to all the winners! The Christian Indie Awards are sponsored by the Christian Indie Publishing Association (CIPA).

Are you looking for a great book to read? Try one of the winners of the Christian Indie Awards!

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