Are You Giving Up Too Soon?

At Christian Indie Publishing Association (CIPA), we recently received this notice from a Member:

I got two email notices and a postcard, but I still kept forgetting to renew my membership until today. Life gets past me sometimes.

Life Gets Past Me

Stop for just a moment and take note of this message.

This individual wanted to renew his membership in Christian Indie Publishing Association (CIPA). He was a repeat customer who knows and likes the benefits of membership.

Yet, he still failed to act in a timely fashion even with multiple reminders to act. He stated in his message that “Life gets past me sometimes.”

Contemplate this for a moment.

If this individual, who was motivated to act, needed multiple reminders to remember to act, how many more times do people who are less motivated need to be reminded?

Often it takes exposure over time with multiple reminders before people act. The same is true for buying your books. Many may hear about your book for months or even years before they finally decide to buy and read it.

We are all busy. We are all inundated with more information than we can handle.

Back in the 1940s—long before neuroimaging confirmed it—Edgar Dale, an American Educator, developed the Cone of Experience, which predicts how much people remember. Dale thought that people retain:

  • 10 percent of what they READ
  • 20 percent of what they HEAR
  • 30 percent of what they SEE
  • 50 percent of what they SEE and HEAR
  • 70 percent of what they SAY and WRITE
  • 90 percent of what they DO.

Edgar Dale Cone of Experience

This means that you can reliably predict:

  • Only 10% of people who READ about your book will remember it.
  • Only 20% of people who HEAR about your book will remember it.
  • Only 30% of people who SEE your book will remember it.

To increase this percentages, you need repeat exposure. Each time a person is exposed to your book, the more likely it is they will remember it and act to buy it.

Don’t get discouraged. Don’t give up. Persistence is required in marketing.

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Photo courtesy of Flood G.

1 thought on “Are You Giving Up Too Soon?

  1. Excellent info. I know from experience that I procrastinate on renewals, and I’ve discovered positive results from continued marketing through the same sources.
    Stay safe, Sarah!


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