Does Your Response Time Meet Expectations?

This winter, I needed my chimney cleaned. I have a wood burning fireplace and have no desire to experience a chimney fire as my neighbors did a few years ago.

Does Your Response Time Meet Expectations?

I attempted to call the service that had previously cleaned my chimney. I got a recorded message that encouraged me to request the service online. So, I did. Then I waited for a response… and waited… and waited.

Fed up, I called a different service. I would have engaged this service provider, except their quoted price was astronomical. I decided to try the first service again, and had much better luck on my second try.

When looking for someone to clean my chimney, I had a handful of options. As a result, I circled back around to the one that had a poor response time—mainly because I had used them before and knew they charged a reasonable fee and did a good job.

However, if I had been contacting an author or a publisher about a book I was interested in, I most likely would have moved on to another book that provided similar information. Why? Because when it comes to books, I have hundreds to thousands of options to choose from.

If you are an author or publisher selling books, your response time matters.

Studies show that people expect a quick response time, even with emails. In fact, one-third of all Gen-X and Boomers expect a response within an hour of sending an email.

If you fail to meet a customer’s expectations, they tend to feel annoyed or frustrated. Studies show that companies that respond to inquiries within one hour are 60 times more successful than those who take 24 hours or more to respond.

If you want to be more successful as an author or publisher, then make sure that you are responding to inquiries in a timely fashion. You can learn more about how to do that in the infographic below.


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