Effective Marketing Techniques

If you engage in email marketing, you will find the results of a new study by BuzzStream and Fractl very informative. These two companies teamed up and interviewed 1,001 people to find out which online marketing strategies work best.

A survey of one thousand people is really a small sample size. However, these researchers believe that this sample represents the larger population.

If you are an author with a website that employs a marketing technique—like a pop-up prompting your website visitors to subscribe to your newsletter—then you should pay attention to the results of this survey.

BuzzStream’s goal was to find out which marketing tactics Americans are happy to participate in—and which ones they avoid.

When it comes to giving out an email address and reading newsletters, here is what this survey found:

The Email Inbox

If you hold contests on your website, you will be interested in these findings from the survey:

Marketing Tactics American Participate In

The results from this survey have some good news for authors. I found the following two statistics very encouraging:

  • 85.5% of people will give their email in exchange for a freebie.
  • 57.1% of people will share something on social media in exchange for entry into a contest.

Which results did you find helpful or encouraging?

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2 thoughts on “Effective Marketing Techniques

  1. This is intriguing, Sarah. Thank you for fishing out these stats for us. You’ve raised a question in my mind: What conditions would prompt people with “junk” email addresses to give their real addresses instead? As authors, we should aim to create those conditions in our opt-in campaigns, so we communicate, “This offer is THAT valuable to you.”


  2. Karen, Yes, as authors, we want the real emails. Yet, that study showed that 73% of people unsubscribe right away after they get the “freebie”. I believe that it is your “freebie” that has to sell the person on wanting more. So, after they read the “freebie”, then they might buy your book or go back and subscribe again because they want to here more about what you have to say. So it’s not that it is THAT valuable upfront, each person must decide how valuable it is to them.


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