Three New Tools for Publishers

Publishing a book is a lot of work. As an indie author or publisher, you wear many hats. We all need tools to make the job easier. Following are three new tools that make the work of publishing easier!

1. Get Bids for Your Next Book Printing Job with This ToolBMI Logo

If you are looking for the best price to print a book offset or do a short digital print run, then check out BMIsource. Launched by the Book Manufacturers’ Institute, this tool permits publishers (and authors) to seek multiple bids for book printing jobs.

Just fill out a quote request form, which is sent to BMI Active Members (book printers). Those BMI members will review the information and contact you directly with a quote if your needs match with their capabilities.

You can find the BMIsource Quote Request Form at

2. View Multiple Websites with This ToolPagenexter logo

Maybe you have a list of your product page URLs, and you want to see whether they each have the right price. Or you want to check them for new user reviews. Or verify the product descriptions.

Firebrand Technologies has launched a new tool, PageNexter. Whenever you need to review a list of web pages to make sure your data is right, PageNexter will speed things up for you!

PageNexter helps you quickly and easily cycle through a list of Amazon or B&N product pages, or any other websites you want, without having to open each of those pages in different tabs or browser windows. This free tool is available to anyone, does not require any registration, and is a cinch to use.

Check it out now at

3. New Apple Books for Authors Makes Publishing EasierApple Books for Authors

Apple Books has launched Apple Books for Authors, a new website with resources for authors on writing, publishing, selling, and marketing their books on the platform. The site brings together existing resources and tools into one place.

Apple Books has also launched a new publishing portal enabling PC users to publish books directly with Apple. Previously, authors had to have a Mac or use a distribution service in order to publish their book with Apple. With Apple’s new publishing portal, there are two ways to publish directly with Apple:

  • Upload an epub file directly to Apple’s Publishing Portal
  • Import a Word document to Pages and publish directly to Apple Books

Find Apple Books for Authors at

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