Book Awards Are a Blessing

In my book Your Guide to Marketing Christian Books, I list over 25 book awards that are open to books by indie authors and small publishers. There are more than 25 book awards that one can submit a book to, but I chose the best-known and the ones that accept religious books through at least one Religious category.

Book Awards are a Blessing

Why so many book awards?

  1. With over 2 million books published in the United States each year, numerous book awards are needed to bring recognition to great books.
  2. Awards matter. They help consumers know that a product or service has quality, often easing purchasing decisions in a world of too many choices.
  3. Book awards bless and encourage authors who have worked hard to get a story or message out to the world.

It is always a pleasure when we get notify the winning authors of the Christian Indie Awards each year. We often get responses from these authors like the following:

  • Thank you so much! What a blessing and an honor!!
  • Oh, praise the Lord! Thank you!!
  • Wow! Thank you so much. This means so much for me!
  • I am stunned!! Praise the Lord and Glory to God!

While my book lists over 25 book awards, there are only a select few book awards that are solely dedicated to Christian books. The Christian Indie Awards is one of them.

If you have published a Christian book in 2019 or 2020, I encourage you to nominate it for the Christian Indie Awards. These awards recognize 18 outstanding Christian books (and authors) each year.

Christian Indie Awards

The honor could be yours. However, you don’t have a chance of receiving such an honor unless you nominate your book.

To nominate your book for the 2021 Christian Indie Awards, visit and either complete the online nomination form or print the nomination form and mail it with a copy of your book.

The Christian Indie Awards are sponsored by Christian Indie Publishing Association (CIPA). However, you do not need to be a Member of the organization to nominate your Christian book.

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