Promote Your Book as a Great Christmas Gift

Have you ever received a book as a gift? I have, many times—and I have been blessed by a number of these books.

Christmas gift shopping is big business. The average American spends around $700 on holiday gifts and goodies. Retail stores start promoting Christmas items as early as September. These stores want to catch early holiday shoppers.

Piggybacking on this, the American Booksellers Association has launched a marketing campaign this fall to entice readers to shop early for the holidays. The campaign’s messaging reads:

“Buy Early. October is the New December.”

Research from the National Retail Federation shows that about 40% of people start holiday shopping before Halloween each year. Since almost half of all consumers are already beginning to think about what to purchase for Christmas gifts, it’s not too early to start promoting your book as a great Christmas gift. Start now with the following three ideas.

1. Position Your Book as a Great Gift

Let your readers and fans know that your book makes a great gift. Feature it as a gift idea on your website, in your newsletter or email updates to your fans, and on your social media posts. Your readers may not automatically think of your book as a gift. You must plant and water this idea for your followers.

Remind your readers why books make great gifts. If you need inspirational ideas for why books make great gifts check out the infographic located here.

Promote Your Books as Christmas Gifts

2. Offer a Special Christmas Discount

One way to make your book more appealing as a gift is to offer shoppers a special Christmas discount. You can offer a two-for-one deal, free shipping, or even just a special holiday price.

Be sure to make your Christmas special or discount time limited to give shoppers a sense of urgency so that they will act on your prompting to purchase your book as a gift with your holiday discount.

3. Offer a Free Shipping

Everyone loves free shipping. Some studies indicate that 58% of people purchase more items just to qualify for free shipping and 83% of people are willing to wait an extra 48-hours for delivery to get free shipping. If you sell books directly from your own website, offering free shipping is a great way to convince readers to buy and close the sale.

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