I used to think that marketing was a dirty word. I could not understand why anyone would actually want to engage in marketing. God definitely has a sense of humor and a way of growing us. Here I am, years later, a book marketing consultant, speaker, and author.

I am an independently published author and a traditionally published author. I am also the former Director of Christian Indie Publishing Association (CIPA) an organization that exists to help small publishers and independently published authors market their books in the Christian marketplace.

The purpose of my blog, Marketing Christian Books, is to educate and inform small publishers and independently published authors about publishing and marketing Christian books. In writing posts for this blog, I am reminding myself about what is important to remember in publishing and marketing Christian books and staying abreast of the trends. It keeps me on track and focused. I hope reading my blog does the same for you.

You will find my blog is updated twice weekly (usually on Mondays and Thursdays). I invite you to subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss anything. You can subscribe to receive each post in your email box by clicking here.

I never planned to be an independently published author, much less the author of a book on marketing Christian books. It all started when God led my husband and me to publish a set of board books for infants and toddlers back in 2003. We discovered that there was not much information out there specifically geared toward marketing in the Christian marketplace, much less a guide book or an association.

After meeting and dialoging with a few other small and self-publishers that God led us to, it became clear that an organization was needed to provide assistance and information to new and emerging publishers and independently published authors. I helped co-found Christian Small Publishers Association (now renamed Christian Indie Publishing Association) in January 2004 and became the Director.

Then in 2006, I wrote and published the first edition of Your Guide to Marketing Christian Books. The book is now in its fourth edition and has won a few awards. I also present seminars and webinars on publishing and marketing Christian books.

With years of information on this blog, it can be difficult to sift through the information. I encourage you to start by reading some current posts. In addition, a few of the more popular posts over the years include:

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