Marketing that Glorifies God

I met some amazing authors at the International Christian Retail Show (ICRS) last month. Let me introduce you to one.

Mary Shrock grew up in the Amish church and community. As a young married adult, she and her husband came to know the truth of the gospel and were subsequently led by God to leave the Amish community.

The Holy Spirit laid it upon Mary’s heart to write her story. In obedience, Mary penned and published her autobiography, The Greater Inheritance, chronicling her years of growing up in and subsequently leaving the Amish community.

Mary understands that to sell books, she must market and promote her book. In less than one year, Mary has already sold more books than most self-published authors, all without the help of a publicist.

Mary chose to focus most of her initial marketing dollars on using RTIR (Radio-TV Interview Report) to obtain interviews. Her ad in RTIR secured her a number of radio interviews, mostly on secular radio shows. Mary reports that while some radio hosts cut her off when she began to speak about her religious conversion, others let her talk freely about it.

God is not after book sales. God is after having his name glorified. Matthew 5:16 says, “let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”

Here is the really neat part of this story. Mary wrote and published the book that God laid on her heart. In promoting that book, she is sharing the love of Jesus with the world and bringing glory to God. As a result, God is blessing her efforts.

What about you? Where is your focus? Did you start out penning or publishing a book God laid on your heart but over time have become sidetracked into focusing solely on selling books? Has your focus on God and his message slid to the background?

If you have fallen into this trap, I encourage you to return to the heart of your message. God wants to be glorified through what you have authored and published. When you glorify His name, He will bless your efforts (as he has done with Mary) so that you can bring more glory to His name.