Email Rules the Marketing Kingdom

Email marketing is a highly effective marketing technique. As an author, I encourage you to build an email list and send out regular updates to your list.

Email is known for generating sales. If you are not using email marketing, you are missing out on a valuable marketing tool.

The infographic below lists 10 Dos and Don’ts for a Email Marketing Success. I think the following statistics from the graphic are particularly interesting:

  • About 53% of email are opened only on mobile devices.
  • Personalized emails are known for delivering 6x higher transaction rates.
  • Emails with a single CTA (call to action) button increase clicks by 371%.
  • 35% of recipients open emails based only on the subject line.

Email dos and don'ts

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Content Marketing Ideas for Authors

Content marketing is all the rage. Content marketing is a long-term strategy for building relationships with customers and potential customers by giving them something valuable for free.

Authors who create content around their books and offer this content free in their email newsletters, on their websites and blogs, and on social media can gain trust with an audience. Trust leads to more sales. Remember, people do business with those they trust.

Creating content can be time consuming. Some authors complain that create content takes away from the time they have to write more books.

Enter content curation. Content curation is the act of collecting, assembling, and presenting content that relates to your books. With content curation, instead of creating all the content they share, authors can share content that others have created that relates to their topic.

There are a number of services online that will help you collect and curate content for free or a small fee. These include:

  • Pocket: Pocket is a great place to capture and store the content that comes your way. You can store images, videos, and articles in Pocket for later reference when creating a curation of content to share with your readers.
  • allows you to research and publish content through its curation tool.
  • Feedly: Feedly allows you to aggregate content by storing the information from your favorite sources all in one place.

An interesting and different idea of content curation for fiction authors recently crossed my path. I found the idea intriguing and creative.

Content curation does not just have to just be articles, memes, or videos. Content curation can also apply to lists. You can share lists with your readers. These lists don’t just have to be a list that the author recommends, they can be a list one of the characters in your book might have.

list of ideas

For example, you can have your characters create some lists. These could include:

  • A list of song that your protagonist would have on his Spotify playlist.
  • A list of books that your protagonist would have on her bookshelf.
  • A list of favorite recipes from one of your main characters.
  • A list of relationship tips from one of your book’s characters.

You can then share these lists with your readers on your website, in your emails, as a Pinterest board, and on your social media sites. Get creative.

Content marketing does not just have to be the material you create. You can share material others create. When sharing curated content, be sure to give credit to the author and include a link to where the author originally posted the material.

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