The Hidden Benefit of Winning a Book Award

Awards signal success to the world. Winning a book award provides numerous benefits including:

1. Increased visibility for the book and author.

All awards send out press releases announcing the winners. Having your book listed both in the press release and on the award’s website increases your visibility.

2. Increased opportunities for publicity.

Authors can also create press releases announcing that their book has won an award, garnering publicity. Media outlets are more likely to interview an award-winning author. In addition, announcing the award in your email newsletter, on your website, and on your social media sites brings you more exposure.

3. Increased perception of credibility of the book and author.

An award signals to book buyers, reviewers, and the media that your book is trustworthy and provides an excellent read.

4. Increased perception of the book’s value.

An award shows the public that your book is worth their time to read it and worth the money they will spend on purchasing it.

5. Increased sales.

Studies show that when presented with two similar books, book buyers will choose the one toting an award over the non-award winning book.

Book awards also carry hidden benefits. One big hidden benefit of winning a book award is increased author morale and confidence.

Winning a book award lifts an author’s spirit. It provides an author validation in a way that positive reviews cannot. It tells the author that their book stands out above others.
Increased author morale and confidence can have long-lasting effects:

  • It can spur an author to write more books.
  • It can provide an author the confidence he needs to launch a speaking career.
  • It can help the author persevere in marketing and promoting her book.

Of course, you cannot win an award unless you enter your book into awards. Only one month remains for you to nominate your book for the Christian Indie Awards. The deadline to nominate a book is November 15, 2018.

The Christian Indie Awards exist to recognize outstanding Christian books by Indie authors and small publishers. Books published in 2017 or 2018 are eligible for nomination. Books can be nominated by an author or a publisher.

To nominate your book for the Christian Indie Awards, CLICK HERE.

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Four Benefits of Winning a Book Award

“The best piece of advice you gave me was to enter my book into book awards.”

Of all the marketing advice this independent author had received from me, he felt that the encouragement to enter his book into book awards was the most valuable. Holding up his book, the author pointed to the new book award logo on the cover. He shared with me how winning the book award opened doors for promotion and sales opportunities.

Winning a book award provides many benefits. Following are four ways authors benefit from a book award. Winning an award:

1. Gives your book a seal of approval.
Your award sticker signals to the world that your book is excellent, that it is a quality book worth readers’ time and money.

2. Helps your book stand out from the crowd.
An award sticker gives your book’s cover bling, making it eye-catching. Additionally, studies show that when buyers are presented two books on the same topic, they will pick the one with an award sticker over the one without.

3. Brings you prestige.
When you win an award, you get to bill themselves as an award-winning author. Having this type of clout opens doors of opportunity.

4. Provides you and your book publicity opportunities.
The media will pay more attention to a pitch from an award-winning author. Winning a book award gives you additional opportunities to tell your audience about your book and persuade them to buy.

There are numerous book award contests available for authors to enter. One award, the Christian Indie Awards, sponsored by Christian Small Publishers Association (CSPA) is open for nominations. This award honors Christian books by small publishers and independent authors.

If you are an independent author or a small publisher, you can nominate your book for the Christian Indie Awards. Nominations are open at

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