The Best Feedback

God calls you to write or publish a book. You obey and follow his leading.

However, you have your own expectations of what will happen to this book you have produced. Sometimes, our expectations don’t match up with what God’s intentions were for the purpose of a book.

I want to encourage you. Don’t get discouraged. God has his purposes. These may not match your expectations or desires, but God’s purpose for your book will be accomplished.

As an author and a publisher, I know that the best encouragement I can receive is feedback from the people who buy my books and find them helpful or useful. Unsolicited feedback is the best.

Recently, I received the following video from a reader of Baby Bible Board Books: Stories of Jesus (the books my husband and I produced a decade ago for infants and toddlers). What a thrill it was to watch this parent using our books to teach his child about God.

This type of feedback makes it all worthwhile. It helps me see the purpose God had in prompting my husband and I to produce these books, even if all my expectations were not  met.

Have you recently received any encouraging feedback from one of your readers?

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