How to Bring Attention to Your Book

Every author wants to bring attention to their book. Finding a way for your book to stand out from the crowd in an eye-catching way is good for publicity. What’s the best way to do this without standing out in an “odd” way?

Give your book some BLING.

Bling can be seen everywhere. It is simply ornamented accessories that are worn or carried. Your book can wear bling by sporting a sticker.

Stickers bring attention to a book. Stickers are great for helping a book stand out from the crowd, especially when an author is doing a physical book event such as a book signing, a trade show, a book festival, or anytime an author is showcasing his or her book in person.

There are all kinds of stickers that bring attention to your book. I recently saw a book sporting a sticker that proclaimed it was a “Five-Star Amazon Book”. The sticker caught my attention. I wondered whether the book really had all five-star reviews on Amazon, or just some. So, I looked it up. Sure enough, the book had three five-star reviews. That’s all the reviews it had on Amazon, just three, but all three were five-star.

You, too, can use stickers to bring attention to your book. Here are some ideas from stickers I have seen on books over the years:

  • Book Award stickers
  • Local Author stickers
  • Autographed Copy stickers
  • Five-Star Review stickers (from various review sources including Amazon and Readers Favorites)
  • Award Winning Author stickers (can be used on a book that has not won an award if the author has won an award on another title).

Where can you obtain these stickers? You have a few options.

  1. Book award stickers are purchased from a book award where your book is declared a winner.
  2. Some review services (like Readers Favorites) also allow authors to purchase stickers or a seal to use to make stickers for their books.
  3. There are a few services that sell local author, autographed by, and award-winning author stickers. One of these is
  4. Be creative, create your own. Create your own Amazon Five-Star Review sticker or other sticker that will draw attention to your book. A number of printing services offer printing of stickers at a reasonable cost. These include Vistaprint and PrintRunner.

Bling in the form of stickers is an affordable, easy way to make your book eye-catching. If you are doing in-person events with your books, stickers will draw people’s attention to your book.

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