It’s Not Just Price…

How do Americans’ shop for books? This question was part of a study done by Simon-Kucher & Partners. The answers they found were interesting.

Shopping trolley on button of computer keyboard

It appears that the study’s findings go against the grain of some long-held beliefs about the importance of price in selling books, especially the idea that people buy books online because they can be purchased cheaper than in a brick-and-mortar store.

The Simon-Kucher & Partners study found:

  1. Convenience is just as important as price when a reader decides to buy a book online.
  2. The more consumers buy books online, the less important price is to them.

Don’t read the findings of this study wrong. Price is still important. However 76% of the survey respondents did not list price as the number one reason they purchase books online. For these respondents, convenience and the ability to shop 24/7 were top of their list.

I have always preached that to sell well, your books must be readily available to consumers. This means that your book is for sale in more places than just your website and The results of this survey also point to this fact.

Price is important to consumers, but convenience is just as important. Once a person decides to buy a certain book, easy access to purchasing that book is necessary to complete the transaction.

Whether you are selling print books, ebooks, or both, make sure that your books are available on multiple retail channels online so that consumers can:

  1. Easily find your books.
  2. Buy your books on the website they feel most comfortable using.

Remember, it’s not just price, convenience is also important.

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