How to Market a Christian Book

The other day I had a conversation on the telephone with a gentleman who paid a lot of money to have his book published by a large self-publishing company. I asked him if he was marketing his book. He told me that he had purchased a “marketing” package with the publisher he used and that they had put his book for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retail sites online.


Sadly, having a book for sale on retail websites is not marketing. Marketing is participating in activities that draw attention to your book. Marketing should start long before you have a published copy of your book.

I have found that many self-published authors of Christian books are rather lost when it comes to marketing their books. That is why I wrote my book Your Guide to Marketing Books in the Christian Marketplace. This book is a guide to anyone looking for information on how to market a Christian book.

Marketing a Christian book is both similar to and different from marketing a secular book. Knowing the nuances of marketing a Christian book is important for success.

To help educate authors on how to better market a Christian book, I have partnered with Authors School to present a webinar on “How to Market a Christian Book”.

In this webinar you will learn how promoting a Christian book differs from promoting a general market book. You will also learn special tips to help you effectively market your Christian book to Christians.

My hour-long webinar will be on Tuesday, June 23, 2015, at 5:00pm Eastern Time. You can sign up for the webinar at

There is a 50% discount if you register by June 15, 2015. Register by that date and you will only pay $25 for the seminar.

I invite you to join me on June 23 for this webinar. Get the information you need to promote your books effectively in the Christian marketplace.

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