Sad, but True

eBooks have become a popular vehicle for authors to place their works into book form and make them available for sale. As the self-publishing trend has increased, services have sprung up to assist authors seeking to self-publish.

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One such service is BookBaby. BookBaby is the brainchild of the people who started CD Baby. CD Baby was developed to help independent musicians sell CDs and music downloads through distribution to music outlets as well as directly to consumers.

When the founders of CD Baby recognized this self-publishing trend, they opened BookBaby in 2011. BookBaby offers ebook conversion and ebook distribution services.

Since its inception, BookBaby has offered a variety of plans for authors, including plans that did not charge for distribution; instead, BookBaby received a commission on each sale made. These plans that provided free distribution are no more. BookBaby has recently dropped both of their lower–priced distribution service plans and raised the price of their premium plan.

BookBaby is now offering only one ebook conversion and distribution plan for $299. With this new plan, authors earn 100% of net sales, meaning that BookBaby is now charging all their fees upfront.

I find this change very interesting. It signals to me that BookBaby has been making very little (if any) money from commissions from ebook sales. Remember, historically, BookBaby’s lower-priced plans included a commission to BookBaby for each book sold. In other words, many of the independent authors using BookBaby’s service are selling very few books.

This does not surprise me. I have beaten the same drum for years—if you want to sell books, you have to engage in marketing and book promotion activities. Sadly, so many authors only put effort into publishing a book and not into promoting the book.

Don’t be like the average self-published author. Engage in marketing and promotional activities that connect people to your books. Make a goal to perform at least three to five activities a day that promote your book. Sales will follow.

If you are looking for ideas to better promote your Christian book, I suggest you read my book, Your Guide to Marketing Books in the Christian Marketplace. It is full of ideas you can use everyday!

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