Children are Avid eBook Readers

A new study shows that more than half (54%) of U.S. children aged two- to thirteen-years-old are reading ebooks. This is almost double the amount of U.S. adults reading ebooks (23%).


The study, conducted by Digital Book World and Play Science, found that not only are alot of kids reading ebooks, they are doing it frequently. About one-third of the kids reported they read ebooks more than once a day, while 85% reported reading ebooks at least once a week.

This study also found that the majority of children read their ebooks on tablets. However, more importantly, 70% of the survey respondents reported that their children read a combination of regular and enhanced ebooks.

Up until recently, the majority of publishers felt that creating enhanced ebooks was more costly than the return they were getting on the books. As new programs have sprung up, the cost to create enhanced ebooks (and even children’s book apps) has become more reasonable.

Two programs that allow authors (and publishers) to create enhanced children’s ebooks are TaleSpring and Moglue. TaleSpring lets you create an enhanced ebook for free with their online software. They then charge $150 to publish the book as an app and pay the creator 50% royalty on sales. Moglue, a new service, lets you download their enhanced ebook creation software for free. Then they charge between $199 to $299, depending if you want an Android app or an Apple app or both. After creating the app(s), Moglue is no longer involved. The creator of the enhanced ebook is then responsible for placing the book in the appropriate stores online and collecting all profits.

With children’s ebooks currently the fastest growing segment of the ebook market, and with the relatively low cost to produce a professional-looking enhanced ebook, now is the time to convert your children’s book into an ehanced ebook.

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Interactive Children’s Books

Have you published a picture book for children? Are you interested in making your book into an interactive ebook but have no clue how to do this or where to start?

TaleSpring is a new service that allows anyone to create an interactive book online and publish it to mobile devices as an app. This service is affordable and easy to use.

Watch this video to learn more about TaleSpring. Then visit their website ( for the full scoop.

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