Book Awards Help Promote Books

We have so much information presented to us every day that we remember very little of what we encounter.

Hence, keeping your book in front of readers on a regular basis is required for readers to remember your book. Most authors find it challenging to consistently keep their books in front of prospective readers in a fresh new way. Book signings, author events, reviews, and readers’ testimonials all provide great fodder for putting out fresh news about books on your author website and social media accounts.

Fresh news about your book gives you a creative way to continually put your book in front of your target audience. Each time your audience hears something new about your book, their memory is refreshed and they are reminded that your book is worthy of an investment of their time and money—increasing the chances that they will make a purchase.

Did you know that nominating your book for a book award gives you a fresh piece of news about your book?

An independent author who recently nominated her book for the Christian Indie Awards included the following note with her nomination.

I would like to express my deep appreciation for providing me and other small Christian authors the wonderful opportunity to enter the Christian Indie Awards. You encourage by recognizing the gifts our Lord has given us. Just the chance to enter is a real honor.

I agree with this author. It is an honor to nominate your book. God has given you a message and now you have the opportunity to nominate it for further recognition. So, share this honor with your audience. After you nominate your book for an award, announce to your audience that your book has been nominated for the award.

Readers take notice of book awards. The mention that your book has been nominated for a book award is one way to raise the level of prestige for your book. You can use your nomination (even if you nominate the book yourself) in promoting your book. Of course, if you win the book award, your book’s reputation will rise to a new level and you will be handed more news and promotional opportunities for your book.

If you have published a book that promotes the Christian faith in 2017 or 2018, your book is eligible for nomination to the Christian Indie Awards. You can head on over to and nominate your book. Then announce to your audience via your website, newsletter, and social media that your book has been nominated for the Christian Indie Awards. It’s fresh news that allows you to keep your book in front of potential readers.

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Voting is Open for the Christian Indie Awards

If you read Christian books, you are invited to VOTE for the 2018 Christian Indie Awards!

You can vote online right now at Voting on the Christian Indie Awards is open through March 31, 2018.


The Christian Indie Awards aims to recognize outstanding Christian books by small publishers and independent authors. Often smaller publishers and authors produce fresh, innovative books that inspire readers and fill niche needs. Yet, these books go without recognition in an industry that recognizes bestsellers and famous personalities.

The winners of this award are determined solely by the votes of Christian book lovers and retailers alike. The winners of the 2018 Christian Indie Awards will be announced by May 1, 2018.

The Christian Indie Awards are sponsored by Christian Small Publishers Association (CSPA).

What are you waiting for? Go Vote! And, invite your friends to vote also!

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The 2016 Book of the Year Award Winners

The votes are in and counted. The winners of the 2016 Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award have been determined!

Book Award 1Christian book lovers and retailers voted on 123 nominated titles in 14 categories. The winners in each of the 14 categories are:

489: A Short Story About Forgiveness, Beyr Reyes, ShadeTree Publishing

Historical Fiction
Wilted Dandelions, Catherine Ulrich Brakefield, CrossRiver Media Group

His Last Hope: A Contemporary Christian Romance, M. A. Malcolm

Christian Living
Despite Your Circumstances, Candida Sullivan, ShadeTree Publishing

Bible Study / Theology
Songs from the Heart: Meeting with God in the Psalms, Tim Riordan, GreenTree Publishers

For You My Husband, Melissa Moxley, CrossLink Publishing

Biography / Memoir
Out of the Darkroom, Into the Light, Tracey Casciano

Relationships / Family
The Talks, Barrett Johnson, INFO for Families Resources

 Children’s (age 4 to 8)
What do you see? What does God see?, Denise D. Brown, db Word Gallery

Children’s (age 8 to 12)
Picture Imperfect, Susan Thogerson Maas, Ashberry Lane

Young Adult (age 12+)
Edging Through the Darkness, D.L. Koontz, Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas

Gift Book
Hungry for God … Starving for Time, 5-Minute Devotions for Busy Women, Lori Hatcher, Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas

Christian Education
Dreams Revealed: Handbook for Biblical Dream Interpretation, Terri Meredith, ShadeTree Publishing

eBook Exclusive
The Royal Couple, Nicole Taylor

Congratulations to the winners! Thank you to everyone who voted!

Book Award 2The Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award is sponsored by Christian Small Publishers Association (CSPA).

Looking for a great book to read next? Try one of the winners of the CSP Book of the Year Award listed here.

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The Value of Book Awards

Every good book marketing plan should include submissions for book awards. Winning a book award increases your visibility, expands your marketability, and solidifies your credibility. Consider the following three reasons to submit your book(s) for a book award.


1. A book award raises the value of your book in the mind of the consumer.

Awards give merit. When consumers see that a book has won an award, they immediately assume the book has better value than a book that has not won an award. When faced with two similar books, one that has won an award and one that has not, consumers will consistently choose to purchase the book that has won an award.

Winning a book award is a boon to an author and publisher. An award opens new doors for publicity and marketing. Placing an award on all your marketing materials and on the book cover itself in subsequent print runs can boost sales and lengthen the life of a book. Of course, the better known the award is to the consumer group you are trying to reach, the bigger the payoff.

2. Book award entry fees are not wasted marketing dollars.

Entry fees for book awards range from $40.00 to over $100.00. Many publishers and authors take umbrage at having to pay to enter their book in an award. These individuals will say that they feel like they are “buying” an award. The fact is, running a book award costs money. It costs both to oversee and to publicize an award. Award programs charge entry fees to cover these expenses. Yes, some awards make quite a bit of money off of running an award. However, a publisher or author can be discerning about which awards to enter and choose not to participate in those that appear to be only for the purpose of making money rather than promoting fine books.

Smart marketers will even use entering a book award to their benefit. One independent publisher and author entered his book into the Christy Awards. He then put on all his marketing material that the book was “nominated for a Christy Award.” His statement was true. What most consumers will not know is that the author himself did the nominating. For many consumers just learning that a book was “nominated” for an award will raise the esteem of the book in their eyes.

3. Book awards bring benefits to everyone involved in the book industry.

Philippians 2:4 states “Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.” Entering your books into book awards is good for the whole literary community. Book awards need nominations to exist. They need books to give their awards to. Most importantly, book awards help promote the value of books to consumers, and this benefits everyone involved in writing, publishing, and selling books.

Now that you know the value of entering a book award. I encourage you to head on over to Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award to nominate your Christian book for the 2016 award. Nominations are accepted in 14 categories. The award is open to Christian books published in 2014 and 2015, written in English, for sale in the United States, and published by an independent author or small publisher. Authors or publishers can nominate a title.

This is the Final Call for Nominations for the Book of the Year Award as nominations must be received by November 15, 2015.

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10 Reasons to Not Enter a Book Award

Did you know that there are over 1,200 books published every day in the United States. That is a lot of books! And, it means that your book has a lot of competition.

Sometimes I hear from authors who appear to think that book awards are a waste of time and money to pursue. If you are one of those people who like to just blend in with a crowd and not stand out, then entering book award contests may not be worth your investment. So, in honor of these type of individuals, I am providing a list of ten reasons to not enter your book in a book award contest.


Ten Reasons to Not Enter a Book Award

10.  You are not a published author.
9.    You dislike stickers.
8.    You don’t want to have to redo your book’s cover to include an award emblem.
7.    You are selling enough books already.
6.    Your audience is big enough. Everyone you want to know about your book already does.
5.    You don’t want to spend any more money marketing your book, even though the nomination fee is affordable.
4.    You think your book doesn’t deserve recognition.
3.    You think you are not a good enough writer to call yourself an award-winning author.
2.    You prefer obscurity.
1.    If God wants you to have an award, He will give you one.

If you find that this list does not exemplify your feelings on the issue, then I encourage you to take action.

If you are an independently published author or small publisher with a Christian book published in 2014 or 2015, written in English, and available for sale in the United States, then head on over to and nominate your book for the Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award.

If you are looking for additional Christian book awards to enter, you can find a listing at In addition, my book, Your Guide to Marketing Books in the Christian Marketplace, contains a lengthy section on general book awards for independently published books that include religious categories.

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